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Top 4 Mortgage Myths - Myth #3 Credit Issues = No Mortgage

January 13, 2018 Homebuying


The fear of loan denial has led many people with low credit scores to see themselves as a renter for the long-term. However, your credit score is only one piece of the puzzle. A low credit score with an “acceptable” credit history may get you approved. If you have a few credit bumps and bruises on your credit history or if you have been turned down for a mortgage because of credit, cash flow or other considerations, you may need to improve your credit score. FACT: CREDIT SCORES CAN BE IMPROVED WITHIN 2-WEEKS OR OVER A PERIOD OF A FEW MONTHS

Home Buyer Solutions Group (HBSG) is a team of experienced Mortgage Credit Specialists, who look at your credit issues and find solutions specific to your credit situation, helping you improve your credit score. The best part is that they offer expert advice for free.