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Customer Testimonials

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Nick is such a great professional. Nick’s accompaniment was impeccable. He was considerate and respectful, and very patient with us to be able to navigate the process.
Victor A.
Shannon Cole was friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. She demonstrated great patience with me because I am not totally comfortable with computer situations. Shannon is a great asset to your company. She's a delightful person. I can't think of any way to improve the process.
Joseph C.
We really got lucky with landing Tyler for our loan officer. He was great! The entire process was smooth and timely. Tyler responded promptly to any question and concerns. We closed 2/28/2020 as promised and it only took 30 minutes or so to sign all the paperwork and receive our keys! Thank you Tyler for you great customer service.
Theresa & Walter B.
Christopher Andrade was highly responsive, very transparent and showed the right level of urgency. All along the process, I felt that he was a great partner who was also advocating for me. He earned my trust and respect, and made the whole process easy. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Christopher.
Vijay S.
Shannon Cole was fantastic and I would recommend her highly. She was always there for any questions and concerns I had. I felt she was there for me and was very professional but yet personable. She took care of any issues immediately and solved them. I was very blessed and lucky to have her as my loan officer. Lennar Mortgage is lucky to have her on their team!
Terry F.
Timothy Morrison was very professional and very helpful throughout the entire process. We asked a ton of questions before we made any decisions or signed any documents and Timmy would get back to us right away, with a clear answer to all of our questions. We appreciate his hard work and the entire staff at Lennar Mortgage.
Pedro R.
The entire team was terrific and I want to let you know how appreciative I am for her excellent professionalism involving the entire process of obtaining a mortgage on the house my family dreamed about it. You made things go smoothly and eased my fears when I had doubts. Shanon's diligence and patience in working through the mortgage process were terrific. Thank you once again and I will recommend your services to my friends.
Yasser S.
How was this journey? Perfect. Well, almost perfect. We had few difficulties with the paper work at the bank but we were lucky because we worked with Shannon. Super nice, professional, was no question she didn't have an answer. I don't have enough good words to describe our experience working with her. We talked in weekends when was necessary, during the day at any time, giving clear indication and guidance, fast and efficient.
Remus & Sabina A.
Kyle & Dylan were wonderful to work with! My husband and I were first-time homebuyers and Dylan was there to answer any questions we had (and we had a lot!) He was easy to communicate with, quick to respond to us, and very helpful with every step. Thank you for making our first-time homebuying experience a smooth process!
Dana E.
Working with Linda was an exceptional experience. She made the entire process easy and was on top of everything. It couldn't have gone any better. Everything was perfect. Thank you Linda!
Jason T.
Julie was outstanding. Couldn't have asked for anyone better to assist with such a large and life changing purchase. Anytime my wife or I had a question she was there to answer. She was amazing. Thank you Julie.
Jeffrey G.
Shannon Cole did an amazing job helping me attain a mortgage. She made an often lengthy and complicated process, fast and easy. She explained each step and was quick to respond when I had a question. I am thankful to her for helping turn my dream of owning my own home into a reality!
Julia M.
Christy was nothing shy of amazing! Me and my husband started the process as first time homebuyers not knowing anything about the process of buying a home. It felt great to work with someone who genuinely enjoys their job and goes the extra mile to help others. We were beyond grateful to have her as our loan officer and LOVE our new home!
Jorretta C.
Christopher was fast to respond, he was very personable and made both me and my wife feel like we could trust him just by talking on the phone. He was great to work with and someone I would recommend to a friend. Christopher is excellent at what he does and an extremely valuable person we are grateful to work with.
Erik C.
Erin and Cassandra were extremely important to closing our mortgage loan quickly and easily. They quickly helped us resolve technical glitches with uploading documents online, and Erin in particular always seemed to hold our interests as a priority. She represented us as much as Lennar Mortgage. You bet I'd call her again to manage another home loan!
Delbert T.
Brandy Gaynor was very knowledgeable concerning my loan. She was accessible when I needed her. This was my first time using my VA benefits. It was a very pleasant experience. The customer service at Lennar Mortgage was excellent. Everything was explained to me. I would recommend this mortgage company any day. Thanks to everyone that was a part of my loan process.
Katrina J.
Nick was the best part of my first time home buying experience besides the home. He answered all my questions and put all fears I had to rest. I would recommend Nick to everyone I know looking for a mortgage honest genuine person who actually cares about his clients. Thank you Nick.
Alicia M.
Larry Horenstein was phenomenal in helping us through the process. Without him it would have been a very frustrating process in a lot of situations. He communicated at the highest level kept us in the loop and answered all questions, took all phone calls, and returned all phone calls in a timely manner. We could not have been more pleased and happy with his help and professionalism in this process.
Michael L.
The lending process was very efficient and well organized. Simon was informative, helpful and professional throughout the process. Would highly recommend. The communication was excellent and the process was very simple and efficient.
Derek S.
The Lennar Mortgage team was great to work with. They were very responsive and made the mortgage process easier than I expected. Thank you to Ralph and the team!
Eric B.
Christopher was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. He made sure to take great care of us, and was readily available at any time with questions. We highly recommend Christopher!
Tarina M.
This was my third home mortgage and by far Lennar Mortgage was the best. Thanks again to all who helped.
David B.
We absolutely loved working with Mark. He made us feel so involved in the process of our loan and helped explain everything in detail and to where we, as first-time homeowners, could understand. We will definitely be using Mark if we need to get a new loan in the future! He exceeded our expectations.
Jacob R.
Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend trusting Mark to guide anyone through the home buying process. Mark made this process easy from the very beginning. He called often with updates and was also quick to respond if I had any questions. I trusted his guidance and he is very knowledgeable on all questions I had.
Maggie M.
Oliver and Barbara were great! As a first time home buyer the process was intimidating, but they were patient and available to answer questions. I appreciated their help along the way! Again, Oliver was great!
Rebekah B.
Timmy was very helpful. He went out of his way to meet our expectations. He informed us of what's going every step of the way. They said home buying can be stressful but in my experience it helped to have Timmy around. He is a gem. The process was smooth and I knew we had someone behind us to assist with anything all throughout the process.
Maria Theresa S.
Nicholas was very helpful and professional. I had a question as we were locking in our interest rate, I texted him after hours and he responding back very timely and while I was interrupting his family time. Today you do not always see that kind of dedication to the customer. Nicholas was great to work with on all fronts. We think Lennar Mortgage did an outstanding job on all fronts for our new mortgage.
Robert G.
Matt Taylor was very professional when discussing the closing costs, interest rates, and the process of closing on the house. I really appreciate him taking the time to talk with my wife and I about anything we didn't understand (which was a lot). Tell him thank you.
Eric F.
Just awesome to work with this company it's a pleasure.
Oleg B.
We had a very good and positive experience with Lennar Mortgage. Rabin walked us through the whole process and made it as smooth as possible. All of our questions were answered and explained to us in detail promptly. We will definitely recommend him to our friends and family. Thank you!
Neema V.
All Lennar Mortgage employee's that we worked with during my process went above and beyond to make our process with smoothly. It was our first experience and they make it feels like we went through this process before.
Leroy P.
Shannon Cole was the absolute best mortgage officer that we have ever worked with. We have already referred friends to her and wouldn't hesitate to use Lennar Mortgage again assuming we dealt with Shannon. Shannon Cole and the Lennar Mortgage team really made this a pleasurable experience. Thank you for the easy experience from start to finish.
Danielle S.
My Thai-King rocks! Her ability to overcome any situation that she receive from the underwriter, she always takes the time to responds to each one, find a way to jump through all the hurdles and never give up on us until they are all taken care of. My Thai-King is really great at what she does, I was extremely happy throughout the whole lending process!
Eric W.
I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Amber. My husband and I were buying our first home, so I had a ton of questions that she answered as many times as I needed. She was extremely responsive to my emails, phone calls, and text messages at all hours of the day. We were told we might have to provide documents more than once, but Amber was thorough and made sure she received what she needed from us before passing it through to underwriting. Amber truly made the entire process a pleasant experience for us, and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.
Kristina B.
A special thanks to all the staff and support personnel from Lennar Mortgage and Lennar. Your team was amazing throughout the whole process providing timely responses to late night emails and weekend request for support and information. I want to especially note the work Jennifer Casey did. She was very warm and helpful through it all and provided quick responses to all our questions. Your team was amazing and I highly recommend!
Garry H.
My Thai-King did a great job and I felt she was interested in helping me in every way possible. She was prompt in getting back to me and provided me with a great experience overall. I enjoyed working with this team and appreciate their interest in making the process easy and getting me the right loan at the right price and rate.
Louis R.
Mario, not enough thanks for all your help and professionalism. It was such a joy to work with you in our process, it is incredible how fast we did did it. Thank you for being our person and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Always in touch to explain and very kind. Thank you so much for making this happen.
Jicham Z.
I would like to thank and say how much I appreciate the great job Julie Hold did on getting me through the loan process. She is a true professional and made a usually difficult time very pleasant and stress free. THANKS JULIE and Lennar Mortgage!
Michael G.
Kayla was great, she is a true professional and I can tell how much she cares about the clients. The Lennar Mortgage team was awesome thanks again to help this Veteran getting me and my family a place to call home for many years to come.
Orlando A.
I had an exceptionally great experience with all on my loan team. One can tell over the telephone a persons interest in you and your needs by the sound and projection of their voice. I could tell that everyone were very professional even though I could not see them, which is comforting in the stressful times of selling and purchasing a home as well as moving. I appreciate the care given to me. Thank you all very much.
Rivalyn P.
Randy was absolutely terrific. He was a joy to work with, He did an excellent job explaining and simplifying things for you to understand. He truly made the loan process very easy and most importantly, stress free.
Joel B.
Dan made it super easy to finance my brand new home with Lennar. He was available to answer questions after business hours, and maintained excellent communication throughout the process.
Jen B.
After being rejected by several banks before coming to Lennar Mortgage, it was clear that the previous banks didn't understand the complex rules of the VA Home Loan process. Ryan quickly assessed our situation, found a path forward and with Catalina's help closed the loan for us. We are so glad we stumbled upon Lennar Mortgage. We would not be in our new home without them.
Aaron B.
Chase made the process quick and easy, he is the best. I actually met him during the closing process, and he gave us more info that helps me with my first home. The loan process was fast and easy, very responsive staff with all my questions, guided me all the way, I will surely recommend to my friends. It was an overwhelming experience. Thanks for all the help with my first ever home.
Marisse C.
Lennar Mortgage makes the mortgage process simple! The website and the stellar communication I received throughout my build process made it so easy to know where I was at in the mortgage process and what (if anything) I needed to do at that time. Shannon was incredibly professional and knowledgeable to work with and that was huge for me. Laurie was my processor and working with her was wonderful as well. Always explained to me the why behind any request and I really left guided through the process. I highly recommend Lennar Mortgage.
Christine M.
It was an easy minimal stress process. Veteran friendly knowledge of VA loans process was very helpful. I would use this financing company in the future.
Julie W.
Life is a series of wins and loses. Lennar Mortgage understands this and does everything in their power to net you that win. They were extremely courteous and the process was quick and easy. To be honest this is something I'm going to remember for the rest of my life...
Rylan I
Lennar Mortgage was great. They did an excellent job, and the only reason why we had to wait on closing date was because me as the homeowner, switched jobs so the process was delayed for all the paperwork we needed.
Jorge B.
Regina assured me from the very beginning that I should have no issues getting my first house due to my good credit, salary, and career field. I was very happy that the process went smooth and any issues she was able to take care of. I did not hit any bumps and I often tell people how fast this process was. I was very shocked because my sisters process was not as smooth when she tried buying a house. I was the last person to buy a house in my building which closed in January, so there was a bit of rush needed to get everything closed in time on all of our ends, but Regina made the process pain free and I definitely did not get too stressed throughout.
Staci J.
Stephen responded/answered emails, and calls promptly. He was very thoughtful and helpful throughout the entire process and attentive as well. Enjoyed working with him throughout the tedious process as I have frequently heard from other friends who used other companies, but Stephen made it smooth and worthwhile. Will recommend Stephen, Lennar Mortgage to every family member, relatives, friends, and co-workers. Thanks Stephen!
Brian I.
From the time I started looking to purchase a home and kept being told I don't qualify, I was beginning to become discouraged. On my very last phone call I decided to look into Lennar Homes and they told me who to contact. When I spoke to Mike on the phone for the very first time I felt like he knew what I was going through and he just wanted to help. He didn't try and talk me into anything that I didn't want to do and he made me feel very comfortable like I was his only client. In a matter of 30 minutes at the most, he gave me that yes that I had been desperately searching for. The entire process for me wasn't nerve wrecking at all because when I called Mike with a question he was there to make sure I had an answer ( and not only did he make sure I had an answer he wanted to make sure I understood the answer).
Ashley M.
All involved were friendly and quick to respond to my questions. The process was easier and quicker than I expected. Friends (that did not use Lennar Mortgage) described their experiences as being long and drawn out and needing to provide documents multiple times and this was not the case for me. I tried to provide exactly the documents that were asked for and in a timely manner which may have helped in that aspect.
Maribel E.
In one word as to why I had a positive experience, Dawn! From the start to the end of the entire process I never once felt like a customer. I felt like a person and she had my back throughout the process. That speaks to her dedication and being outstanding with details. Another major positive impact I experienced with Dawn was constant communication throughout the process. I am so happy I went with Lennar Mortgage and Dawn was involved with my loan.
Michael H.
I really felt like the Lennar Mortgage team was very dedicated to their profession and also, to the customers. Communication was great between the team and I. It's good when someone talks to you for a positive purpose other than for a reason.
David T.
The timelines of the process and all of the individuals certainly had all hands on deck to make it a smooth process. The customer service was truly above expectations. From the initial application process up to the closing. The communication was on point. I had several means of communicating to Lennar Mortgage staff. All individuals made the process smooth and somewhat stress free. Communicated by any means necessary and where always available to answer questions.
Jacqueline B.
This is my first home to purchase with my wife and I and the process was extremely painless and I don't think I could have asked for a better process. Working with Nancy and Jessica was a blessing for us and Nancy ensured that she stayed competitive with other lenders including state ran organizations like the Texas Veteran Land Board. Thanks again.
Bobby B.
The mortgage application process was easy and streamlined. The online application was clear and straight to the point The automated account verification platform has been amazing. It saves tremendous time and energy on the borrowers part - No more calling, requesting, faxing, downloading and uploading.
Jeffery L
Everything from start to finish of my home purchase with Lennar Mortgage was amazing. Their customer service is top notch and they were always available to answer any question I had. So grateful to have chosen such an amazing team to work with. Thank you for making my first home purchase such a great experience!
Tara M
When every other lender told me they couldn't, she found a way! I'm sure I was annoying with all my questions but she patiently answered every single one and I knew what was going on every step of the way! We closed on the day she estimated and closing costs were very close to what she predicted!
Asia F
As a first time home buyer, She made the entire process flow so smooth and stress free. Very personable and easy to work with. Would highly recommend.
April F
As first time homebuyers, we were rather intimidated by the mortgage process. However, Kevin did a great job of guiding us every step of the way and even went the extra mile when we ran into a conflict toward the end. He did everything necessary to make sure that we could close on our anticipated date without problems.
Kevin L
This was my first mortgage and he was very helpful and made it very easy for me to get through the process he help me out all the paperwork any questions I need answered he was right there for me
Shannon C
I was pleasantly surprised. Very professional, helpful and prompt. Made buying a house as easy as possible. I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a home.
Gary N
Very professional. Helped us get a great interest rate. Pleased with detailed explanation that was easy to understand. Alot of paperwork to gather but in the end worth all the effort and time.
Clay J
As I entered the market to purchase a home, I didn't have much idea what to expect or how the process worked. Thankfully, I was introduced to Chellsee to help get me squared away with a mortgage. Boy was I lucky! She made it simple and painless. She was very thorough and was always there to answer questions.
Amos V
They did a great job helping me with my loan and they were very patient with me. Did everything electronically so I didn't have to go into the and sign the paperwork. Thank you!
Hector W
Being first time home buyers, I was extremely nervous to begin the process. Thankfully we were recommended to Lennar Mortgage and am sooo happy we found them! The process was so smooth and easy they were always willing (and very quick!) to respond to all my questions. I highly recommend them they are a wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable team!
Chloe L
Scott was wonderful to work with. He was very informed and extremely helpful in explaining every detail of the mortgage process with us. He was quick to meet with us and answer any question that we had.
Susan T
Everything went as planned, I didn't expect the process to go smoothly with a lender. The lender explained the process very well. They were amazing to work with.
Victor A
Walked me through every step. Made what can be a stressful process quick and painless. Followed up every few days to be sure I was understanding that things were moving along.
Cherie M
This was my first house and what a great experience. They were very patient and helped me the entire way. Such a great lender. Would suggest to anyone.
Kristen M
After being denied by multiple lenders in my quest for a home loan, Nicole at Lennar Mortgage got it done! She was the only lender that PERSONALLY took the time to explain how my credit and debt to income ratio played such a huge factor in my ability to secure an FHA loan. Highly recommend to anyone.
Michael H
They definitely took these newbies under their wing and really made the process smooth. As first time homebuyers with a good chunk of college loans and other foolish debt from our 20's, we have been on the hunt for nearly 8 months and have finally sealed the deal! We will definitely continue working with Lennar Mortgage in the future!
Jonna P
Steven and everyone @ Lennar Mortgage was incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I was most impressed with their responsiveness. Even when I emailed during the evening and weekends, I always heard back right away. It was a pleasure working with Steven and the Lennar Mortgage team!
Donna B
We chose Lennar Mortgage because they found us the best loan specs by far. They were quick to respond to any questions we had and walked us through the pre-approval process. We felt their support all the way through closing, even when we had to move our closing date. They made a very stressful process as stress-free as possible.
Tiffany E
It was easy and straightforward working with the team over at Lennar Mortgage. Even when we threw some last minute changes at them they handled everything extremely well, were easy to get ahold of, and made everything go smoothly. I would definitely work with them again!
Tim K