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Yes, we are a proud member of the Lennar family of companies. Since 1954, Lennar, has had the privilege to help hundreds of thousands of families across America move into the next stage of life with a new home.

Although you are not required to purchase a Lennar home to work with us, there are a variety of incentives that may be avaliable if you decide to purchase a Lennar home. Contact your Loan Officer to learn more.

For a complete list of all the states we operate in, please refer to our licensing page

Yes, we offer rate lock terms of up to 270 days. For more information about locking in your interest rate, please contact a Loan Officer.

When researching mortgage rates, it’s important to remember your mortgage interest rate is personalized just for you. Lenders' rates are based on market conditions, your personal finances, how much you want to borrow, and more. Your interest rate may be higher – or lower – than the rates you see online.

It's best to speak to one of our licensed Loan Officers when you are interested in buying a home, refinancing a home, or getting cash from your home equity.

We're here to help you compare your options, understand rates, and make informed decisions about your dream home. Connect with a Loan Officer today!

Credit score requirements vary based on your loan program and other individual factors. Our Loan Officers will be able to offer specific advice for loan options based on your credit profile.

We offer a variety of loan programs to suit your needs: Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo and Adjustable-Rate Mortgages. Our options vary based on location, first-time homebuyer status and other factors. Our Loan Officers can help you understand and compare your financing options. 

Not currently. However, a mortgage payment could be comparable to paying rent in some cases. Our Loan Officers can help you estimate your monthly mortgage payment and guide you through your buying options! 

We are more than happy to guide you through the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) options available to you. Your options will vary based on location, first-time homebuyer status and other factors. Ask a Loan Officer what DPA programs you may qualify for! 

First-time homebuyer programs often come in the form of Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs, which will vary based on location and other factors. A Loan Officer will be able to make recommendations for assistance programs based on your first-time homebuyer status. 


Yes, completing the pre-qualification application will result in a hard credit inquiry. 

Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage does require a hard credit inquiry, which may temporarily lower your credit score. Many lenders allow a 15-45 day window in which multiple credit checks from mortgage companies are reported as a single inquiry on your credit report. Pre-qualification is necessary to understand what loan amount you may be approved for and compare mortgage companies. 

Pre-qualification is the first step of the mortgage process. It is a cursory look at your financial situation, which can be done relatively quickly online or over the phone. During pre-qualification, you’ll be asked to provide the lender with basic information about your income, assets and debts. The lender will then perform a credit evaluation, giving you a ballpark estimate of how much money you may be able to borrow. Remember, a pre-qualification is based on the information you provide to the lender that has yet to be verified.

Loan pre-approval is more involved and in-depth than a pre-qualification. For starters, you will need to complete a mortgage application. A full financial background check will be performed with an underwriter reviewing your credit report, pay stubs, bank statement, tax information, assets, obligations, etc. After assessing your creditworthiness, the lender will issue a pre-approval letter telling you what loan amount you are qualified for. At this point, you can shop for a home with a defined price range in mind. With a pre-approval, your loan depends only on the home appraisal, as well as your financial situation.

Interest rates will vary based on your loan program, credit profile and the housing market. Getting pre-qualified will give you a better estimate of your possible interest rates. 

Yes! Many lenders allow a 15–45-day window in which multiple credit checks from mortgage companies are reported as a single inquiry on your credit report. After pre-qualifying, you can see how we compare to other options. 

When you get pre-qualified for a mortgage, a lender will need to check your credit. This automatically generates an inquiry with the three national credit bureaus, which can result in unsolicited credit offers from other companies, commonly referred to as “prescreened offers”. 

Lennar Mortgage does not sell your information to other companies. You have the option to opt out of prescreened offers from lenders. 

You can opt out of prescreen lists by visiting OptOutPrescreen.comand choosing from the following options: 

  1. Electronically opt out of prescreened offers for 5 years. 

  1. Mail in a Permanent Opt-Out Election form. 

  1. Opt in to prescreened offers if you have previously completed an opt-out form. 

Visit OptOutPrescreen’s Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about prescreened offers, legal requirements and the opt-out process. 


Your down payment will depend on many factors, including your loan program. Use our financial calculators and consult with a Loan Officer to see how your down payment may affect your monthly payment. 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) provides a detailed description of your Closing Disclosure. Use this tool to double-check that the details of your loan are correct on your Closing Disclosure. If something looks different from what you expected, please contact your Loan Officer. 

Closing costs are usually about 2% - 5% of your home’s purchase price. These fees are separate from your down payment. 

For a better understanding of what your closing costs will look like, please contact your Loan Officer. 

Closed Loan Information

No, Lennar Mortgage does not hold mortgages. We sell our mortgages shortly after closing, generally to major banks.

We don't offer online payments or the ability to set up recurring payments at this time. Our preferred method of accepting a mortgage payment is by phone, at no charge to you! 

Call us at 1-800-741-8262 between 9am-4pm EST, Monday-Friday. You'll just need your routing and checking account numbers. 

You may also mail your payment to: 

Lennar Mortgage, LLC 

Attn: Customer Service 
140 Fountain Pkwy N, Suite 250 
Saint Petersburg, FL 33716 

To request a mortgage payoff please call 1-800-741-8262 between 9am-4pm EST, Monday-Friday. 

To get a payment receipt, please call Customer Service at 1-800-741-8262 between 9am-4pm EST, Monday-Friday. 

Our Servicing department will verbally verify that the payment was received/posted. They can also send you a copy of the loan history after your call, which will show the payment has been posted to your account.  

Lennar Mortgage, LLC will mail 1098 forms via regular mail by January 31st of each year. Customers can access a summary of the Year-End-Statement via their closed loan portal. You may also request to receive a copy of the form by emailing 

For further questions, please call Customer Service at 1-800-741-8262 between 9am-4pm EST, Monday-Friday. 

Credit Education

We’re proud to offer a complimentary service, Homebuyer Solutions Group, for Customers who need assistance to qualify for a mortgage. The first step is getting pre-qualified on our website. If we believe you could benefit from HBSG, we’ll contact you to connect you with one of our Credit Specialists. 

In short, no. HBSG aims to educate Customers on credit and give them a plan to improve their credit profile. However, completing the program does not guarantee qualification with Lennar Mortgage or other lenders. 

Participation in or completion of the HBSG program does not (a) constitute a loan approval or indicate that the participant has or will qualify for a loan from Lennar Mortgage or any other lender; (b) guarantee the participant will qualify to purchase a Lennar home; or (c) guarantee any improvement of the participant’s credit rating or history. 

Upon enrollment, the participant must provide pertinent financial information and must authorize HBSG authority to obtain and analyze the participant’s credit report. 

Questions? We’re Here for You

We’re your mentor through every step of the homebuying process.