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A Virtual Homebuying Helper: Lennar Homebuying Seminars

Online webinars are making it easier than ever to help buyers get educated and take the first steps toward their dream of homeownership.

For the last 5 years, Lennar has been hosting popular homebuying seminars around the country, educating buyers about new home communities, affordability, mortgage products (through Lennar Mortgage, LLC), and how to take the first steps toward purchasing a home.

But when the pandemic changed all that, Lennar made the pivot to hosting regional seminars online, much to the delight of potential buyers.

These quick and easy one-hour webinars invite area home buyers to settle in with a cup of coffee and find out what properties and pricing are available, which mortgage products might be a fit for them, and how to get their credit score ready for mortgage loan approval.

"Home buying is still happening, and we've seen a huge response to these helpful sessions," says Kurt, TX. Attendance has been growing steadily, and seminars are offered in both English and Spanish.

Even if you're not sure you're ready to buy a home, a Homebuying Seminar can give you inspiration and ideas, steer you to local resources, inspire you to get your finances in top shape, and allow you to get all your homebuying questions answered.

To find one near you, simply follow Lennar on social media, and watch for updates on upcoming events.

Here's what to expect:

1. Overview of area communities and home prices.

We'll share a map of our Lennar communities and the price range of homes, including the price per square foot. This lets buyers have a visual experience of all the communities and home types we offer.

2. Getting a mortgage.

This includes an overview of all the mortgage products Lennar Mortgage has to offer, including conventional, VA, and FHA loans. We'll walk you through the loan process, including how to get your down payment ready as well as local and state programs that provide down-payment assistance.

3. Getting your credit in shape.

Our credit specialists will explain credit scores, what makes up a credit score, the do's and don'ts of credit, including tips on how to improve your score in just a few months.

4. Live Q/A session.

Using a chat feature or audience polling, we make sure we're tailoring information to our buyers, and that they get a chance to have their questions answered. Not only that, they'll be connected to resources they need to speak to a new-home consultant, start the pre-qualification process, get credit information, and even earn incentives from Lennar, like cash toward closing.

At Lennar, we're proud to provide turnkey home-buying experiences that make the dream of homeownership a reality. Follow us on social media for opportunities to attend a virtual Lennar home-buying seminar in your area. And to learn more about our Homebuyer Solutions Group, click here.

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