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2021 Home Renovation Trends

8 Great remodeling trends to try this year.

Our long hours at home in 2020 fueled a huge spike in home renovations that's continuing well into the future as we reconsider and reimagine our homes as multi-tasking sanctuaries. This year, home remodeling dollars are flowing toward projects that improve our health, increase our privacy, boost our mood and make our homes a healthier place to be. Here are some ideas to steal as you plan your next house project.

Green solutions.

Any remodeling that includes energy-saving choices is hot right now: That includes adding solar panels, HVAC upgrades, improving insulation, replacing outdated windows, or adding a tankless water heater. Pro tip: Start with a whole-house energy audit, so a professional can identify any inefficiencies (like leaky windows) and help you set renovation priorities.

Home offices.

The Year of Zoom has likely changed the way we work forever, turning our attention to at-home work and study spaces like never before. But most homeowners aren't creating additions; rather, they're moving walls, adding doors, and transforming existing spaces, like basements, kitchen nooks, even under-used closets are getting clever facelifts to incorporate built-in desks, connectivity/tech, and privacy.

Incorporating the outdoors.

The yard became one of 2020's biggest heroes, and we're showing no signs of letting go of our love of the outdoors. Outdoor living spaces continue to be popular with homebuyers and remodelers, including fire pits, outdoor spas, kitchens, and living areas.

Bathroom sanctuaries.

Spa-like features are big right now, with additions like soaking tubs and steam showers creating a little extra comfort and luxury. Smart technology adds a super deluxe touch, such as programmable showers, backlit mirrors, or self-cleaning toilets. Design-wise, there's a big interest in large wall tiles and floating vanities to give bathrooms an updated feel.

Healthier home surfaces.

We have a whole new take on handwashing and staying healthy, and one of the trends on the rise is incorporating remodeling solutions that thwart bacteria and viruses. Touchless faucets use electronic sensors to activate the flow of water so you can work hands-free. Another way to keep surfaces sanitized is opting for hard, non-porous choices high-touch countertops, such as engineered stone, which is easy to clean and makes it hard for germs to hide.

Separation of spaces.

As much as "open concept" is still on design wish lists, we came to appreciate quiet nooks and doors separating us from the noise of the house. Barn and pocket doors are making a comeback as homeowners look to create privacy and quiet for work and learning spaces.

Inviting daylight in.

Dreary winter days indoors take a toll on mood, and natural light is the antidote. Adding more or larger windows is one way to take advantage of more light, but skylights are also gaining popularity, including tubular skylights, which are smaller, cylindrical lights that can funnel light down in tight spaces.

Adding color.

Say goodbye to the gray and greige that has dominated the last several years of home decor—we're ready for color to lift our spirits at home, and all you need is a can of paint or a few throw pillows. Deep blues, teals, and greens make wonderful accent walls, small-space colors, or colors for cabinetry (like gorgeous blue cabinets with fresh white marble countertops). For accents, think bold choices like tomatillo green, lilac, or Pantone's color of the year, Illuminating, a vibrant yellow.

No matter how big or small the project, this year's trends show us that it's all about how good your home can feel. After all, our homes are our biggest investments and most private sanctuaries, and a renovation gives us an exciting chance to invest both in our home and in how we live.

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