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10 Unexpected Spring-Cleaning Tips

March 31, 2021 Blog, Lifestyle
woman with cleaning gloves is dusting a shelf

Keep your home in the best possible shape with these surprising life hacks.

Your home isn't only your biggest investment—more than ever, it's your sanctuary. And gym, office, and home school. So giving your home a good spring cleaning is the best way to keep it in top shape, and keep your family healthy and comfortable.

Here are some commonly overlooked spring-cleaning tips that deliver uncommonly big payoffs. 

1. Let in the air. Stale air trapped indoors can build up high levels of moisture, odors, gasses, and dust. Before you roll up your sleeves and start a deep clean, open windows and crack open doors to let the air circulate, and to let any fumes or cleaning smells dissipate safely.

2. Work from top to bottom. To avoid moving dust and mess around, start with ledges, tops of cabinets, light fixtures, and ceiling fans and move down to desktops and dressers, countertops, then all the way to the floor. This also makes it easier for you to track where you've worked and what still needs to be cleaned. Pro tip: Professional cleaners move through spaces in a left to right, top to bottom pattern so that nothing gets missed.

3. Bring in the rented reinforcements. DIY steam cleaners work great for both rugs and furniture, so invest in a day or two of rental and soap, and you'll be amazed at how refreshed your space looks and feels. Steam cleaning kills odors, germs, and bacteria, as well as gets to the root of built-up oils from pets or food stains.

4. Toss pillows in the dryer. Both bed and throw pillows benefit from a quick trip through the dryer, which fluffs fibers and kills dust mites.

6. Save windows for a cloudy day. As tempting as it is to tackle dirty windows when we can see the sun shining clearly on what needs a good wipe, using glass cleaners on a sunny day can encourage streaking and smearing.

7. Don't forget the drains. Sinks can smell funky if you don't freshen up the drains from time to time. Pour a cup of white vinegar in the drain, let sit for an hour, then flush with cold water.

8. Clean the cleaners. Running a cup of white vinegar through your dishwasher and washing machine can help keep machines fresh and tackle hard water residue.

9. Take a tour of the fridge. Toss expired condiments and food. Easy option: To deep clean smaller shelves, pop them out and run them through the dishwasher to sanitize and leave them sparkling.

10. Wipe up your workspace. With so many of us learning or working from home these days, our desks and devices need a good cleaning. Clean desks with multipurpose cleaner and a rag; any rings from glasses or coffee cups can be tackled with a blast from a hairdryer on high heat as you buff away the mark with a rag. Swipe down devices with a soft microfiber cloth and a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water.

Having a home that is functional, healthy, and beautiful is one of life's greatest comforts, so be sure to show it a little love this spring.