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Education on all things homeownership

The Upside of Downsizing

March 20, 2018
Are you looking to save more for retirement? Spend less time and money on your home's maintenance? You should...

To Build, or Not to Build?

March 15, 2018
To build, or not to build? That is the question on every home buyers mind. So which is better? Find out the perks of...

The 411 on Closing Costs

March 08, 2018
Don't get blindsided. Learn what closing costs are, how much you should save, and how to keep them low to...

Locking In Your Interest Rate

February 15, 2018
Ever heard the term "locking in your rate"? Locking in your rate means that your lender guarantees your...

How to Cut Energy Costs

February 08, 2018
You know it already—owning a home is expensive. These energy saving habits around your home can make a real...