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Education on all things homeownership

Homebuying Hurdle: Education

June 25, 2018
'I don’t even know where to begin!' FHA? PMI? DTI?...OMG?! Homebuyers get excited about buying a home,...

Homebuying Hurdle: Location

June 19, 2018
‘I can’t find any affordable homes in the location that I prefer.” Finding a home to purchase is a...

Homebuying Hurdle: Permanence

June 12, 2018
'I love the mobility that renting allows me.' Think about where you want to be in twenty years. Is it in...

What is a Credit Specialist?

May 28, 2018
Between rising education costs, increased cost of living and inflation, it’s no surprise that many Americans...

Choosing the Right Home Loan

May 26, 2018
Buying a home will probably be the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime, and choosing the right mortgage...