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Start the Mortgage Process Early & Reduce Stress

July 07, 2020 Homebuying
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Just because your home is not finished being built, doesn’t mean you should leave the mortgage process for the last minute. At Lennar Mortgage, we don’t believe the process of securing a mortgage is one that should be rushed. Getting your home loan fully approved early on allows you to focus on moving into your new home.

And once you start the process, using our Digital Mortgage will make for a streamlined, headache-free approval. Lennar Mortgage's Digital Mortgage process allows you to apply for a home loan like never before, reducing paperwork and saving time. Get pre-qualified to purchase a home in as little as 15 minutes, so we can get you ready for your brand-new home as quickly and easily as possible.

Below is an example of a mortgage process timeline. You should be pre-qualified as soon as you start to look for a home, so you are prepared to sign a contract when you find your future dream home. Submit your mortgage application within a couple of days of signing your purchase agreement for an actual loan approval. Below is a 15-day process chart illustrating loan process timing, pending appraisal.

example of a mortgage process timeline

As your move-in date approaches, you should be thinking about decorating your new home, where you want all the furniture, the first thing you’ll bake in the kitchen. You shouldn’t have to worry about your mortgage. 

Building a new home doesn’t start when the shovel hits the dirt. The creation of a new Lennar community takes months of careful planning and careful attention to detail. Lennar Mortgage believes the mortgage process should operate the same way. We have experience financing over 100,000 Lennar homes and will use this to ensure a smooth mortgage process for you, which starts with getting the ball rolling early. Contact us today.